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The Catholic Institute of The Holy Family is the first Vatican-approved Institute of Consecrated Life for Catholic married and engaged couples and the widowed. The Holy Family of the Lord Insitute is one of the noblest gifts that God has given to the Church in our time since He sanctified the married state by His presence at Cana.

The Holy Family of the Lord Insitute is a member of the Pauline Family, an international Church organization composed of 10 groups of religious, single, married or widowed men and women, and diocesan priests.

The members of the Holy Family of the Lord Insitute are Catholic Christian couples and the widowed who are on a journey toward evangelistic fulfillment in the World by gaining motivation from the Holy Family of Nazareth, model, light and source of grace.

We offer, as a goal, the sanctification of marriage and family life, admitting the gift of the vows of married chastity, poverty, and obedience as a couple and being an observer to the Gospel in the community we live and work in: family, workplace, church community, and the secular society.

"Secularity" is the status of the members, in the spirit that they strive to evangelistic perfection in the world according to their position and that they carry out the apostolate as they work from within ground realities.

The status of the members of the "Holy Family" Institute is "secular" in the sense that they aim for the perfection of charity in the world, while in a constitutional way they are associated with the Society of St. Paul and are an essential part of the Pauline Family.