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The History of the Pauline Family

Incited by the Spirit, Fr. James Alberione established a number of Institutes between 1914 and 1960. Collectively known as the Pauline Family, they are all connected to one another by the same spirituality and by a deep-felt bond of communion.

Fr. James Alberione, Founder of the Pauline Family, was one of the most creative apostles of the 20th century. He was probably the most prolific religious founder in Church history. He founded 10 church organization, 9 Institutes of Consecrated Life and a group of lay Pauline Cooperators.

  • The Society of St.Paul (1914):This was Fr. Alberione's first endeavor. Pauline priests and brothers work with all of the contemporary means of social communication: print, television, radio, and the digital media, to preach the glory of God and the sanctification of souls.
  • The Daughters of St. Paul (1915):Their mission is the same as that of Pauline priests and brothers. Although their works are diverse and include all of the means of social communication, the Daughters are plausibly best known for their St. Paul Book and Media Centers throughout the World.
  • The Sister Disciples of the Divine Master (1924):TThe Visit for the Pauline apostolate is the center of their lives. This Institute is also engaged in the ceremonial apostolate.
  • The Good Shepherd Sisters (1938):These Sisters work in diocesan Parishes. They assist pastors in bringing the love and message of Christ to the committed, through their cooperation in numerous parish ministries.
  • The Sisters of the Queen of the Apostles (1957):These Sisters work solely to encourage and nurture various vocations for the Church.

Institutes aggregated to the Society of St. Paul:

Institute of Jesus Priest (1960)

This Institute gives Diocesan priests a chance to share in the Pauline apostolate and to enhance their priestly vocation with consecration in the Pauline Family.

The Archangel Gabriel Institute (1960)

For single men who wish to dedicate their lives to serving God in the Pauline apostolate while living a sanctified life in the World.

Our Lady of the Annunciation Institute (1960)

For single women who are summoned to live a consecrated life while continuing in the World and carrying out the Pauline apostolate.

The Holy Family Institute (1960)

For engaged, married, or widowed people who are beckoned by God to live an anointed life in the World. Holy Family members are devoted to Pauline prayer and practice while they continue to live a regular married life. The Holy Family Institute is one of the greatest gifts that God has bestowed upon married couples!

Organization for Lay Collaborators:

  • Pauline Cooperators (1917):Men and women who wish to devote themselves to the mission and ideals of the Pauline Family. They provide help, inspiration and their prayers to support the Pauline apostolat